Many people tend to ignore Google plus when they are designing their social media marketing campaign. But actually, Google plus ones can play a crucial role in your marketing efforts. Google is not primarily a social media. Rather, its aim is to provide the best possible search experience for you. Simply speaking, when you are using Google search while being logged in to your Google account, you will get a different set of results that if you were not logged in. this characteristic as well as many others can be very useful when you plan to use Google plus for real estate.

This can be done in the following ways:

  • When you are running your real estate business, your personal profile is closely associated with the company profile and Google plus presents one of the best venues where you can showcase your profile. You should provide complete and reliable information so that Google can suggest others to follow you.
  • Authorship is one of the most important aspects of Google plus that can help your real estate business. When you provide your own information along with the content and it is same as your profile, you have reached authorship. As authorship rank becomes a norm, you gain greater recognition in your circle and users who have read your work previously get to find you more easily when they are searching for something relevant.
  • Google plus provides followed links – something unique in the world of social media marketing. These followed links have huge SEO relevance. Google plus pages accumulate page rank as well as pass link equity. Not only is Google plus text crawled and indexed with minimum loss of time but also the recognition of the anchor text adds to the SEO relevance.
  • Google plus allows you to add a number of people who share the same interests to your circle. This allows you to reach a truly targeted audience within a short period of time. This growth in circle can be very helpful in your real estate business.
  • You should also post your listings on the Google plus page. These listing pages eventually become its own web page. These pages come with their own URL, active links and title tags. Listing pages with the power of Google behind it can be a powerful marketing tool in your real estate business.
  • Your Google plus page transforms into a full fledged website without your putting much effort into it. You can use the content from the webpage of your company or your personal profile. This Google plus page can increase your circle manifold and this in turn can make your marketing message heard by a vast number of clients – both sellers as well as buyers.

Thus creating a proper Google plus profile can play a key role in promoting your real estate business. When you design your web based marketing campaign, you can use Google plus for real estate and significantly increase your web presence.